Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is facing huge challenges:

  • Digitization (Industry 4.0)
  • Optimizing supply chains and production sites while reducing the risk of singular dependencies in a globalized environment
  • Ensuring a sustainable supply of customer markets – even in times of crisis
  • Increased focus on optimization, automation and expansion of the service business

Many of these challenges require experience in technology, process understanding and the ability to recognize things quickly, draw the right conclusions and implement them quickly (yet professionally) – within processes, the organization and the systems.

Panoff Consulting can help you thanks to its experience with car manufacturers, e-bike manufacturers and raw material processors,

  • To digitalize & automate your service processes and thus increase the service business
  • To optimize supply chain and procurement processes and support them with new digital solutions

We can bring in our practical experience and knowledge from the manufacturing industries and thus accelerate the implementation of your digitization projects in a long-lasting way.