Interim Management

Are you currently missing an important management function or is it not worthwhile to employ a specialist at 100%? We will complete your team.

Panoff’s consultants are specialised in providing interim or longer-term support for the key management levels at the C-level of a company.

We do not offer “body leasing” but take on real operational responsibility and determine concrete goals which are to be achieved. Our charges are based on the degree of target achievement.

Possible Implementation Scenarios

Part-time employment / full-time employment

Durch den plötzlichen Ausfall einer Führungsperson (Krankheit, Unfall, rasche Entlassung) kann es zu einer Lücke auf dieser Position kommen. Der Nachfolger ist noch nicht verfügbar oder muss gar erst noch rekrutiert werden.

Coaching / Consulting

Particularly in managerial positions, there is often a lack of an outside perspective or there are few people you can trust to talk to about the challenges you face. Young managers lack experience or neutral know-how.

Restructuring / Reorganisation

There are situations where hard decisions have to be made. For the permanent managers it may be important that they can be supported by the services of an experienced manager in this situation and they are happy if support is available to enforce difficult decisions.


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